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As horse owners ourselves, we understand the commitment it takes to own a horse. Whether you want to protect your financial investment or know that you can provide immediate care in the event that your horse gets sick or injured, equine mortality insurance and equine medical insurance can give you peace of mind.  We value each horse equally in our commitment to assure the best possible service and to be available to our customers when they need us.  Contact us today to discuss how we can best help protect you and your horse.

We offer plans for

  • Hunter/Jumper

  • Dressage

  • Reining/Cutting

  • Barrel Racing

  • Showmanship

  • Driving

  • Eventing

  • Polo

  • Fox Hunting

  • Race Horses

    • Thoroughbreds

    • Quarter Horses

    • Standardbreds

  • Breeding

    • Stallions

    • Mares

  • Pleasure Horses

  • Arabians/Paso Finos

Equine mortality insurance provides coverage for the death of a horse due to an accident, illness, or natural causes. This insurance is purchased by horse owners, breeders, trainers, and other professionals and amateurs to protect their investment in their horses.

Equine colic surgery insurance is important to have especially when you have to make a quick decision. Most polices include this in the major medical coverage. Colic surgery can be purchased without major medical. Equine colic surgery assists with the cost of surgery for horses that suffer from colic, a digestive disorder that can be life-threatening if left untreated. This insurance can assist with the cost of surgery, anesthesia, hospitalization, and other related expenses.

Equine Insurance show jumper

Major medical insurance provides coverage for veterinary expenses related to illnesses, accidents, injuries, and surgery for your horse. Major medical is designed to protect horse owners from the financial burden of unexpected and costly medical treatments.


Equine major medical insurance policies cover a wide range of medical expenses, including diagnostic tests, surgical procedures, hospitalization, ulcers and medications. Depending on the policy selected coverage may also include rehabilitation services, lameness therapies, and emergency medical treatment.


The cost of equine major medical insurance varies depending on the horse's age, breed, and discipline, as well as the coverage limits and deductibles selected. It is important to have the best major medical insurance policy in place for you and your horse. The Saren Group works one on one with you to consider the overall value and benefits of each option before making a decision.

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