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An Equine Trainer Liability / Commercial General Liability Policy provides coverage to professional horse trainers. It is designed to protect the trainer from financial losses that may arise due to injuries, illness to horses, damage to property, or bodily injury to third parties caused by the trainer or their employees during the course of training activities.

  • Bodily injury and property damage : This coverage protects against claims arising from injuries to third parties or damage to their property that occurred due to the trainer's negligence.

  • Care, custody, and control : Provides protection for injuries or losses that occur while horses are under the care, custody, or control of the trainer.

  • Professional liability : This coverage protects the trainer from claims arising from alleged errors or omissions in the training or care of horses.

The best equine trainer/instructor liability/ CGL policies are customized to the needs of each individual trainer and their business. They may include a range of optional coverages, such as coverage for horse shows, judging, clinics, and other special events. 

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